Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcome to the 1980 Crazy and Psycho, Insane and Psychopathic Heroes Community

Welcome to the 1980 Crazy and Psycho, Insane and Psychopathic Heroes

Welcome to our blog, this community is a great asset for those dealing with stress and pain
this material is most suited for those dealing with depression and anxiety, adhd and bipolar

those dealing with insomnia and or chest pains, panic attacks and or weight issues and or cutting your yourself and dealing with emotional hatred, weight loss issues, body image problems and or Mental Health Issues

We are those that have failed the High school exit exam to many times, those that were involved in bike or automobile accidents, we are those that were Abused by someone named "Bruce", we are those that hit the ground (stroke and Trauma, Cardiac Arrest and Collapse at Age 20)

We are those that were involved in accidental drownings and or skateboard accidents, or ended up almost drowning in a swimming pool, We are those end up unemployed for nearly 40 years and ignored in the job industry.

We are those that were abused and dealing with Alcohol Abuse (Shane),
We are those that love dog sitting or volunteering at an animal shelter
We are those who end up dog walking a golden retriever or bernese mountain dog

We have extensive knowledge and enjoy web design and E-commerce and Blogging
We also spend a lot of time programming and using coding such as C++, javascript, CGI
We Love Downloading software and Utilities and Freeware and or Downloads from download sites

You also have Dyslexia and or Learning Disabilities

You are a Lion and Underground
Fire and Phoenix, Crows and Devils

Here's an Extensive Community and Education Center for the Crazy and Psycho, Insane and Psychopathic Bats and Heroes of 1980.

Monday, June 26, 2017

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